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What does the RAAF do when it kills civilians?

Media Release

Friday, February 1, 2019

The answer is easy it awards the commander who was in charge of the operation with a medal and awards it on Australia Day!  Here is the citation for 2019 Australia Day Awards covering 2018.

Distinguished Service Medal.

Wing Commander M

For distinguished leadership in warlike operations on Operation OKRA. Wing Commander M’s composed and purposeful leadership style, skilful supervision of flying operations and exemplary personnel management inspired his unit to deliver outstanding air power in support of Operation OKRA objectives. His actions ensured the survival and continued operational effectiveness of friendly forces while protecting civilians in proximity to the fighting.

The RAAF has excused itself.  ‘Unfortunate the results of war’ said Air Marshal Mel Hupfeld.

Both Minister Pyne and Prime Minister Morrison have excused the RAAF.  ‘The Australian Defence Force would never bomb civilians’ yet today’s announcement show that they have.

Denis Doherty spokesperson for the Anti-Bases Campaign said today.  “We reject the Government’s explanation of this tragedy, we say they should not be there using aircraft in city areas!”

In 2018 after the RAAF bombed the Syrian Army and killed 6 Syrian soldiers, we had the same excuses over again.  On top of that the commander of that operation got a medal on Australia Day 2018!

When asked to explain why after a ‘stuff up’ a commander should get a medal the RAAF spokesperson Air Commodore S V Edgeley, Acting Deputy Chief of Air Force said “Royal Australian Air Force members who were reconised in the Australia Day honours served their country with distinction in a demanding operational environment, and have been recognized accordingly.”

RAAF on both occasions did not serve their country with distinction and do not and did not deserve medals.  Some poor countries reward officers who commit human rights violations with promotions are we no better than those militaries?  The 2019 citation read:  ..”while protecting civilians in proximity to the fighting.”

The RAAF has been recognised as most recalcitrant of services in providing coordinates of their missions to a human rights organisations even worse than the US!  On the 7.30 report of 14/3/2017 several NGO’s including a UN representative complained about Australia’s lack of transparency in regard to providing information on bombing raids including dates and coordinates.  Australia’s intransigence contrasted strongly with of all people the US and the NATO states.  This is a continuation of the ADF’s policy of not providing information to the Australian people on a range of issues relating to it’s operations.  In view of the exorbitant amount money provided by the Australian taxpayer for ADF operations the lack of information is really scandalous.

The RAAF has reported this event 2 years after the event so that the information can be controlled and no protests will result in the withdrawal of RAAF from their bombing spree.