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The Anti-Bases Campaign full name The Australian Anti-Bases Campaign Coalition (AABCC) was established in 1987. It set out its aims and objectives and now they are still in use today in 2023

The Australian Anti-Bases Campaign is made up of a broad range of groups and individuals who are working for the removal of all nuclear war fighting and associated intelligence facilities and activities in Australia. These include Pine Gap, North West Cape, Smithfield and those foreign activities associated with the Watsonia intelligence network at Carbarlah, Pearce and Shoal Bay.
The Australian Anti-Bases Campaign sees the closure of these bases as a positive step towards world – wide disarmament and peace.
Members and supporters of the coalition recognise that these facilities:
1. were secretly established and continue to undermine the sovereignty and independence of Australia;
2. continue to ignore the legitimate rights and aspirations of the indigenous people of this country;
3. align Australia with one of the major participants in the arms race;
4. involve Australia in contributing to the arms race and the increasing probability of a nuclear war;
5. play a role in the US nuclear and non-nuclear military strategies and Stars Wars program;
6. involve Australia in undermining the sovereignty and independence of other nations by allowing these facilities to spy on them and to direct military offensives against other countries;
7. make Australia and its people a nuclear target and create a permanent threat to our nation’s security;
8. provide verification data which is used to justify the breaking of arms control treaties and to promote the arms race.
9. Are an integral part of all aspects of the militarisation of Australia and the region.
The Australian Anti-Bases Campaign will:
• Promote the development of a co-ordinated campaign for the removal of these facilities.