Reduce Military Spending Reject the US-AUS Military Alliance

Actions to counter postponement of the ‘The No War with China’

We remember what the USA is on their so called day of independence July 4

Lockdown forces postponement of ‘No War with China Rally.

“There are plenty of other ways to demonstrate!”

NSW Police when they shut down the ‘Black Lives Matter’ demonstrations last year. 


We are calling on all our supporters to take advantage of the approach of July 4 Independence Day for the US as an opportunity to remind politicians here that we need an ‘Independence from the USA day!’.  What better time than July 4? 

We ask that you send the letter below to the politicians listed below or to any federal politician perhaps your local member and/or if you are a social media aficionados use our memes on your social media platforms.


We ask that you send the letter via email or online to all or at least one of those listed below:

The text

As a citizen and voter of Australia, I state emphatically that any war with China would be disastrous for this country. 

Faced with the problems such as climate change and Covid-19, why are senior bureaucrats and government ministers beating the drums of war with China? 

Experiences in Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan have proved that wars against countries that pose no threat are counterproductive and futile. Australia should simply stop joining wars at the instigation of the USA.

Being close to American Independence Day, this is an appropriate time for Australians to contemplate independence from the USA.

The only reason that Australia might incur the enmity of China is because of its close alliance with the USA and the presence of US military assets on its territory.

I ask:- 

Why is Australia currently participating in military exercise Talisman Sabre 21, which is so clearly aimed at China? 

Why is it joining a flotilla of British and US warships to sail the South China Sea? 

Why is it spending so 2.09% of GDP on the military, when it has no enemies? 

These provocations help no one. The diversion of resources they represent leaves the nation vulnerable to Bushfire, Covid-19 and the multiple impacts of the climate crisis.

I trust that I will receive answers to my questions.


Prime Minister Scott Morrison

Marise Payne – Foreign Minister

Minister for Defence the hon. Peter Dutton


Anthony Albanese (Opposition Leader);

Senator Penny Wong (Shadow Foreign Affairs)

Brendan O’Connor (Shadow Defence Minister);


Adam Bandt (Leader of the Greens)

Senator Jordon Steele John

Social Media

Check this link and feel free to use an of the images and use the hashtag #nowarwithchina or any of those listed below.

#MoveTheMoney;#Demilitarize;#HealthcareNotWarfare;#PeaceNotWar; #WelfareNotWarfare; #FundPeaceNotWar;

Let’s flood the internet with messages of peace and demilitarization!!

Let’s flood the internet with messages of peace and demilitarization from July 2or 3 to July 5 or 6.  – Message no war with china!

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