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Action Sheet on EOS

Yemen in the news SMH May 26

Grave Diggers sound the alarm!

At a cemetery in the Southern city of Yemen (Aden) there has been a spike in deaths amid the covid-19 epidemic.

Amman, Jordan — Chaos in war-torn Yemen is obscuring the “horrific” extent of the coronavirus epidemic in the country, leaving scientists to make educated guesses at the number of deaths caused by the disease based on burials. The estimates are grim: the crippled city of Aden alone has likely seen a five-fold increase in deaths since COVID-19 arrived.

“The number of deaths occurring in the COVID-19 treatment center that MSF runs in Aden, Yemen, speaks to a wider catastrophe unfolding in the city,” the group said in a statement, calling on the United Nations and donor countries “to do more urgently to help the response.” MSF

ed comments and Australia????

Australia is sending weapons to Saudi Arabia to continue the misery in Yemen!

Action Sheet on Military Spending

Healthcare not warfare!

No War on Yemen

Date: Sunday, 24 May 2020

Background for our members and supporters

“We condemn the Morrison Government’s continued support of the arms industry. See Minister for Defence Industries Melissa Price’s 24 April media release: The Morrison Government is continuing to invest in Australian defence industries to ensure they are in a strong place to deliver new innovations in the post COVID-19 era.
This media release exhibits the abject failure of the Government to resist the arms trade lobby.” (

Jose Ramos Horta in an article entitled The Pandemic World – A chance to be better,  27 April 2020, said:

Freeze ALL weapons exports to ALL developing countries, for the next 10 years… Remember the slaughter of human beings that you enable with your weapons sales. You argue that you attach strict human rights conditions to your weapons exports. Oh pls, spare me this which you know is a lie.

Our position

EOS, an Australian company, is selling weapons to Saudi Arabia and Israel, states involved in human rights abuses, and unjust wars and the deaths of thousands of men, women and children. We are calling for EOS’ export licences to be cancelled. This is one way we continue to call on the Government to withdraw its support of the arms trade and to lessen its military spending.

We ask you that you:

Please send messages to the Prime Minister, the Foreign Minister, the Defence Minister and also Opposition leader Anthony Albanese, Shadow Foreign Affairs Minister Senator Penny Wong, Shadow Defence Minister Richard Marles, and Greens Spokesperson on Arms Control Sen Jordan Steele-John. Their emails are listed below.

Please paste in the letter in blue writing below and address to appropriate person. Please amend in any way you prefer and add anything that adds to the case.

Dear …………….,

In view of the many requests from world leaders to refrain from conflict during the virus pandemic, the Australian Government should refrain from selling weapons to Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, and Israel.  In this time of Covid-19 it is important that our country makes every effort to facilitate a ceasefire in the troubled Middle East rather than earning approbation for ruthlessly pursuing profits at the risk of many thousands of peoples’ health.

I therefore call on you to specifically withdraw the license of the company known as EOS to trade weapons into the Middle East.

Yours sincerely

Prime Minister Scott Morrison


Marise Payne – Foreign Minister

Senator Linda Reynolds – Defence Minister

Hon Melissa Price MP – Minister for Defence Industry


For emails addressed to the Opposition and the Greens, we suggest that the last sentence be changed to read:

I call on you to make public statements that there must a reduction in military spending by Australia and that the money saved be diverted to our economy and healthcare. In particular I ask that you pressure the Government to withdraw the license of the company known as EOS to trade weapons into the Middle East.

Opposition Leader
The Hon. Anthony Albanese – email:

Shadow Foreign Minister Senator Penny Wong –contact form

Shadow Minister for Defence

Greens spokesperson on military matters