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Russian Nuclear Weapons the responsibility of the US and Australia

“We strongly condemn the Russian Government for developing new nuclear weapons. This is totally unacceptable at a time when most nations of the world are signing the United Nations treaty on the abolition of nuclear weapons,” Dr Hannah Middleton from the Anti-Bases Campaign said in Sydney today.

“However, we also hold the US responsible for its actions in relation to nuclear weapons.

“US allies like Australia have followed meekly behind the US while it has aggressively updated and miniaturised its own nuclear arsenal, threatening every country on our planet,” she continued.

The US threatens Russia with anti-missiles systems close to the borders of Russia while insisting the system is not aimed at them.  The US ignores Russian complaints about the US building anti-missile systems in countries such as Poland and Romania.

“President Obama, despite winning a Nobel peace prize for his anti-nuclear work, went on o dedicate $1 trillion dollars to update US nuclear weapons systems,” Denis Doherty from the AABCC said.

“President Trump has continued this same tradition of talking peace while ratcheting up the dogs of nuclear war.

“Presidents Obama, Trump and Putin have taken us back to the era a nuclear arms race and of mutually assured destruction.

“The Australian Government concentrates on what North Korea is doing while ignoring the huge nuclear stockpiles owned by the US and Russian Governments. But the arsenals of the US and Russia make North Korea’s puny by contrast,” Mr Doherty said.

“No country is entitled to nuclear weapons as the destruction they would cause is of such a devastating nature that the whole humanity could be wiped out,” Dr Middleton added..

“It is an international criminal act to possess and threaten to use nuclear weapons.

“It is long past the time when both Australian political parties agree to sign the UN treaty banning all nuclear weapons from every country,” she continued.

“We call on the Australian Government to condemn both the US and Russia for plunging us back into the terror of nuclear holocaust through war or accident,” she concluded.


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More Marines for Darwin? No! Boot ‘em out!

Media Release

Monday, February 26, 2018

Anti-Bases and IPAN –NSW peace groups have condemned Prime Minister Turnbull’s agreement in Washington to increase the number of US Marines in Darwin to 2,500 at a greater rate than originally planned.


“This is a backward step which is against Australia’s interests,” Denis Doherty of the Anti-Bases Campaign said.


“Stationing US marines and elements of the USAF on our shores increases tension in the region and indicates that Australia does not want to pursue an independent and peaceful policy,” he continued.


“Why do our governments always obey the US?” he asked.


“When the President of Ecuador was asked if he would agree to more US bases in his country, he said he would agree if Ecuador could have bases in Miami.


“Contrast that to Malcolm Turnbull who supports more marines in Darwin even though it threatens our major trading partner China,” Mr Doherty said.


“Housing these US troops costs Australia $2.3 billion already. In addition the US military use facilities at Robertson Barracks, Mt Bundy tank firing range, the Delamere bombing range and Bradfield,” Nick Deane from the NSW Branch of the Independent and Peaceful Australia Network said.


“These areas are fast becoming chemically toxic waste lands and the US forces pay nothing for use of them and will not pay for their remediation,” Mr Deane continued.


“Around the world US Marines bring major problems for local communities. Darwin has been largely free of incidents but how long before rapes, murders and other anti-social behaviour appear?” Denis Doherty askes.


“With tensions on the Korean peninsula escalating the time for calm diplomacy is now.  This is not a time for a version of gunboat diplomacy,” Mr Doherty concluded.


For more information: contact Denis Doherty 0418 290 663 or Nick Deane 0420 526 929

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Australia’s Fascination with Violence

The Australian Anti-Bases Campaign Coalition (AABCC) and the Independent and Peaceful Australia Network NSW (IPAN NSW) profoundly oppose the PM’s statement on placing Australia among the top ten of arms exporters through its new arm export strategy.  We fully support and commend this statement by Professor Stuart Rees – Council for peace and justice Sydney University.


The Coalition government’s proposed $3.8 billion to subsidise arms manufacturers in order to boost Australian weapons sales, is part of a plan to move this country from 20th in the arms exports league table to 10th. The policy beggars belief. The government wallows in amoral attitudes fuelled by motives to bolster profits whatever the human costs.


A huge humanitarian and jobs creation opportunity has been missed. The Prime Minister could have said that he wanted to identify with the philosophy and practice of non- violence because that is the way to contribute to peace, in the Muddle East, in S.E. Asia and beyond. He could have said that he wanted to invest in carbon free energy policies because is the 21 sr century means of job creation.


In the United States, our faithful war mongering ally, President Trump has announced a $716 Billion US rise in the military budget. As part of our outdated, threadbare defence policy, we want to follow suit.


If Australia wanted to follow the example of any one country, it should be Norway. If Australia wants to promote peace instead of armed conflict,  members of the Australian Cabinet could spend valuable time in dialogue with members of the Norwegian Peace Prize Committee.


In global peace initiatives, Norway punches miles above its weight. By contrast Australia seems willing to foment conflict inYemen via support for the Saudis, in the Middle East by massive support for Israel and in West Papua by always accepting the violent, colonialist policies of the Indonesians.


A measure of commitment to a common humanity and to peace comes from measures of overseas aid provided by different governments. UN target is for each country to provide 0.7 %of gross national income (GNI) . Norway currently gives 1.11% of its GNI in overseas aid. Australia gives 0.22 % or one fifth of what Norway provides. In population Australia is about five times the size of Norway.


To compound the meanness and selfishness in our overseas aid contribution, the Prime Minister instead wants to spend more billions on the means of killing people. An opportunity for Australia to be committed to peace has been missed. The policy ‘let’s invest in violence’, ‘let’s support the  international arms trade’ sounds like a return to 19 th century gun boat diplomacy.

‘Let’s swagger on a world stage.’ The policy beggars belief.


Stuart Rees, Council for

Peace & Justice, University of Sydney.


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