Anti-Bases Response to Korean Crisis

A grave situation exists today on the Korean Peninsula and our country is fanning the flames of war.  As peace activists and supporters of peace as well as Australian citizens we are called on to ACT.

We urge you to use the resources below to mount a campaign with the Government as to its proper attitude to the Korean situation.  No one wants war only extreme war mongers and weapons manufacturers in the US.  The Middle East has become rubbles thanks to the continuous war waged by the Trump administration.  It is important that the Government gets the message that as many Australians as possible are alarmed at its behaviour towards the Korean situation and its total subjugation to the US.

The Opposition is just as bad as the Government in relation to the Korean situation.  The Leader of the Opposition declaring that there is only a cigarette paper difference between him and the Prime Minister on the issue.  A shameful attitude.

We attach materials to help members and supporters to put pressure to stop a war on the Korean Peninsula:

  1. Send letters to the Government & political leaders
  2. Post pictures on your social media sites the attached pics
  3. Send letters to local papers
  4. Prepare placards
  5. Encourage the members to attend the rally date and time to be announced.


Denis Doherty

National Coordinator AABCC



As soon as possible, show the youtube video called Korean Peace Treaty Campaign.  This has been recommended to us by South Korean peace activists. This will give comrades some background on why the DPRK is so determined to protest itself. The video is made by the Korean Council of Churches and the World Council of Churches so local Christian churches could be approached to show this video.

Background Info

The most immediate and constructive approach to the crisis is to promote the proposal made by China and South Korean peace activists for a FREEZE FOR FREEZE. This proposes that the DPRK freezes its missile and nuclear tests and the US and South Korea freeze their military exercises which practice invading the DPRK and killing its leadership. Freeze for Freeze is fair and does not blame one side alone. This proposal is for the temporary relief of tension on the Korean peninsula and is not the complete solution which must ultimately include a peace treaty.

Letter Templates

To Foreign Ministers
To Defence Ministers
To Green
To Local Media
For Social Media

Minister for Foreign Affairs
Ms Julie Bishop
Parliament House Canberra ACT 2600

Dear Minister,

We are not convinced that your statements and actions in relations to the Korean crisis can contribute to the peaceful resolution of tension and elimination of the threat of war.

We demand that you stop increasing the tensions by your blind support of the Trump administration.  The situation in Korea is not being assisted by our Government’s encouragement of US threats and bullying.

We demand that you and the Government to support the Freeze for Freeze proposal which has both the benefit of not blaming one side or another but also calls on both sides to relinquish some face.

Each year for over 60 years the US has conducted military exercises which practice the invasion of DPRK and the killing of its leadership and this has led to an understandable reaction the part of this small nation.

We demand that all elements of the Australian Defence Force (ADF) in Korea now be recalled immediately. The move to use the ADF in Korea was a backward step which has added to the tensions on the peninsula. You and your Government stand condemned for this action as nothing less than warmongers.  Your administration has put the lives of Australian service people in danger and wasted millions of dollars in pursuing the aims of a dysfunctional administration in the US.

Yours sincerely,


Minister for Defence
Senator Marise Payne
Parliament House Canberra ACT 2600

Dear Senator,

We are appalled that the Australian Government has sent elements of the Australian Defence Force to the Korean Peninsula for military exercises with the US.  This move is the concrete expression of the Australian Government willingness to risk a devastating war and a waste of Australian taxpayer dollars in pursuit of the aims of a dysfunctional Washington administration.

We call on you to withdraw immediately all elements of the ADF from region of Korea and from the South China Sea and to promote peace in our region.

At present the Government’s policy is further raising tensions and hostilities in our region and could result in the most severe backlash against our country by regional players.  We expect your government to act for the self-interest of the people of Australia.  You are putting Australian lives at risk and wasting millions of tax payers when Australia is in need of many resources and countries suffering from natural disasters are left to battle without decent Australian aid.

Support the FREEZE for FREEZE proposal and work for peace in our region not for the Trump administration.

Yours sincerely,


Leader of the opposition

Dear Sir,

We are disappointed that the ALP in its cigarette paper lockstep with the Turnbull Government on military matters has not had the fortitude to stand up for Australia and call for policies designed to genuinely bring about peace.

The Turnbull approach of lockstep with the US is causing Australia to be implicated in a possible war on the Korean peninsula with disastrous impacts on the Australia people.  The effects on Korea would be even more catastrophic yet the ALP sits on its hands and says nothing!

It is time for the ALP to support the Freeze for Freeze approach.

Yours sincerely,


To the leader of the Greens
Richard De Natale

Dear Richard,

The Greens are vocal on many issues of high importance yet they are strangely absent when it comes to peace.  Why aren’t the Greens more vocal against the Turnbull Government’s approach to North Korea? 

Surely you should be supporting the Freeze for Freeze approach?

Yours sincerely,


Dear Editor,

The way the issue of the tensions on the Korean Peninsula are reported is a nonsense.  There are two sides to this argument and only one side gets the blame namely North Korea (DPRK).

The US and its allies like Australia hold military exercises each year to practice invading North Korea and killing its leadership, understandably the North is anxious about this behavior.

The very sensible proposal of Freeze for Freeze is being ignored by the media and Government.  This proposal would see the North stop all tests of missiles and nuclear weapons while the US stops it military exercises. 

Australian forces should not be in Korea or in the South China Sea contributing to tensions and the sooner we bring them home the better.  Our Foreign Minister has not been helping with her complete devotion to the dysfunctional Trump administration.

Australians want peace, not another catastrophic conflict where Australians go to war for US interests and not ours.

Yours sincerely,


For Branches which have social media sites, please ask your social media comrade to put the attached pictures daily over the next 5 days. Each picture should have an explanatory caption.



Take these slogans (or ones you make up yourselves in the Branch) and increase their font size to cover a complete page of an A4 sheet. Go to an Office Works near you or a friendly owner of a photocopier and print as an A3, A2, or A1. Paste this onto cardboard, a corflute and or any other suitable hard surface. Put the name of your party branch at the bottom of your placard.

Bring Australian forces home now!

No tests. No war games
Peace in Korea

Sign the Korean Peace Treaty now! 

NO THAAD for South Korea!

NO more US wars

No more Australians dying in US wars

Help Us!

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